Dr. Till kids emergeny box MODULAR

83 pieces

Now new with practical module system!

6 modules, sorted by 6 themes. The new Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR for First Aid for children contains individually removable, user-friendly modules. More structure, more organization, more flexibility – for quick and efficient action in case of emergency!
Von Kinderärzt*innen entwickelt:

Alles zur ersten Hilfe am Kind in einer Tasche

Jetzt NEU mit praktischem Modulsystem!
6 Module, sortiert nach 6 Themen: Die klassische Kindernotfallbox zur Ersten Hilfe am Kind gibt es jetzt mit einzeln entnehmbaren, anwenderfreundlichen Modulen. Mehr Struktur, mehr Ordnung, mehr Flexibilität – für noch schnelleres Handeln im Notfall!
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83 Teile

Die Original Dr. Till Kindernotfallbox –
Jetzt NEU mit praktischem Modulsystem!

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The new Module System

50 different items (a total of 83 pieces) for initial care in children's accidents sorted into 6 different particularly user-friendly modules. So that you can act quickly, correctly, and calmly in case of emergency.

Our heartproject

By purchasing a Dr. Till kids emergency box, you support promoting and advancing pediatric intensive care, neonatology, and first aid in order to improve the protection and care of children in emergency and crisis situations.

developed by pediatricians

More and more often, we were asked for first aid kits for children during emergency courses at the University Hospital Bonn. Up until then, no product on the market met our standards – so we developed the kids emergency box.
Who is behind this?

Now New with practical Module system

The extensively equipped Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR includes 50 different items (a total of 83 pieces) for initial care in children's accidents. You will find these items sorted by themes in 6 well-organized, user-friendly modules. This way, you are not only well-equipped for any situation, but also able to act quickly and efficiently!




Zecken und Splitter


Infos und Ergänzungen

Everything at a glance!

More structure and organization through color-coded modules
Flexibility and fast acting with individually removable modules in transparent zip bags
Now even more comprehensive guidebook with recommendations for the most common pediatric emergencies and additional valuable tips
Topic-specific guides directly in each module
Now available in multiple languages (EN/DE)
Wound care
Module for the treatment of minor wounds or initial treatment of larger cuts, abrasions, and lacerations
21 Items (46 Pieces)
  • Swabs sterile (various sizes)
  • Gauze balls sterile
  • Wound dressing sterile (various sizes)
  • Plaster bandage
  • Wound plaster for self cutting
  • Adhesive tape sensitiv
  • Plaster set with various plaster types
  • Physiological saline solution sterile
  • Scissors
  • Module guide: Wound care
Module to ensure hygienic First Aid measures
7 Items (12 Pieces)
  • Disposable gloves
  • Face masks
  • Multifunctional cloth
  • Disinfection wipes
  • Sickness bag
  • Tooth rescue set Dr. Till (temporary solution for a maximum of 30 minutes)
  • Module guide: Hygiene
Module for local cold and heat applications as well as for measuring and maintaining body temperature
5 Items (5 Pieces)
  • Hot/cold pack
  • Instant cold compress
  • Rescue blanket
  • Digital clinical thermometer
  • Module guide: Temperature
Ticks & Splinters
Module for the hygienic removal of ticks and splinters
5 Items (7 Pieces)
  • Ticks and splinter tweezers
  • Plaster strips sensitive
  • Disinfection wipes
  • Magnifying glass
  • Module guide: Ticks & splinters
Module for the application of bandages for fixation, support, relief or compression and pressure dressings
5 Items (6 Pieces)
  • Conforming bandage
  • Universal bandage elastic
  • Triangular bandage
  • Swabs sterile
  • Module guide: Bandages


Information & Supplements
Module with helpful information material on emergencies and items for removal as well as space for individual additions
7 Items (7 Pieces)
  • Guidebook: First Aid for children
  • Kids emergency poster
  • Kids emergency card
  • Kids emergency pass
  • Sticker sheet
  • Carrying loop (colour can vary)
  • Module guide: Information & supplements

Where can I buy the Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR

… in the Internet

The Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR is available at several online retailers, including, among others, here at mycare.de.

… at your pharmacy

Your local pharmacist will be happy to order the Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR for you! If you live in Germany, provide the Pharma Central Number (PZN) for the Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR to help him/her quickly locate the kids emergency box in the system:
Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR: 19105724
Dr. Till refill set MODULAR: 19106652

… in your vacinity

Buy locally and support the retail stores in your city! If you located in Germany, you can purchase the Dr. Till kids emergency box MODULAR at BabyOne stores.

Our Heartproject

The Dr. Till kids emergency box is our heartproject. By buying a kids emergency box, you also support Kindernotfall Bonn e.V., a charitable society established by the founders of the kids emergency box. This society dedicates itself to the promotion and further development of pediatric intensive care, neonatology and First Aid to improve the protection and care afforded children in emergency and crisis situations.
We support facilities and organizations that look after children in acute emergency and crisis situations around the world, with training programs, consultancy and funding.
We are working on prevention concepts for pediatric emergencies, and are optimizing First Aid measures for children.
We are developing information materials and specialist publications relating to pediatric intensive care, neonatology, First Aid and health competence.
We support medical progress and the development of new treatment methods in pediatric intensive care and neonatology by funding research projects.
Our society offers rescue service organizations, clinics, carers and parents advice, training and further development to boost their skills in dealing with children’s emergencies.

Dear parents,

Life is exciting, and children want to explore the world! Minor scrapes and injuries are unavoidable in a child‘s life. Many parents are unsure how to respond appropriately in emergency situations. First aid measures for children are not as complex as you might think. We know what matters – with our kids emergency box we provide you with all the tools you need in case of an emergency and with the included guide we pass on our knowledge and years of experience as pediatric emergency physicians to you. Children don‘t need fearful or overly cautious parents. Children need informed parents.

Your Dr. Till

Dr. Till Dresbach
Senior Physician in Neonatology and
Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine
at the University Hospital Bonn