We, Dr. Till Dresbach, Dr. Silvia Poralla, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Müller, are pediatricians at the University Hospital Bonn and work in the Neonatology (premature infant medicine) and Pediatric Intensive Care Medicine departments at the University Hospital Bonn. Dr. Christoph Engels was a long-time member of our team in Bonn and has since established his own pediatric practice.

The idea for the kids emergency box originated during our pediatric emergency courses for parents, where there was an increasing demand for a First Aid kit specifically designed for children. Since there was no suitable product on the market at that time (2013) that met our requirements, we developed the kids emergency box.

In 2013, everything started very small. The kids emergency boxes were only offered in our pediatric emergency courses. In the evenings after our shifts, we packed them together in the living room. However, the idea of the kids emergency box spread. After a small radio feature in 2014, we received inquiries about the kids emergency box from all over Germany. We initially packed the first packages ourselves and took them to the post office. But with increasing popularity and rising order numbers, we urgently needed a reliable partner, which we found in Fink & Walter GmbH. This medium-sized family-owned company based in Merchweiler, Saarland, manufactures wound care products and hospital supplies. The managing director, Christian Walter, and his wife, Dr. Judith Walter, were immediately enthusiastic about the kids emergency box and have been supporting us in all areas related to the kids emergency box ever since.